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Oct 31, 2012 11:00pm PDT
brinkley is live in the castro tonight. hi, leslie. >> hi. it may be raining on this parade known as halloween in the castro, but it was a beautiful day to be a giants fan in san francisco. it was a challenge to be a giants fan trying to get back home. this is the line for the vallejo ferry. it wound for blocks along the embarcadero. how long was the wait? >> really long. >> miles long. but it was all well worth it. >> the ferries were so congested some resorted to busing passengers. no one complained. even those in crowded bart stations. >> this is bart. this is what we do. we wait for it. >> we prepare for the crowd and we just go with it. >> it was actually better than 2010. >> in what way? >> shorter. easier to get on the bart train. >> nothing easy about the clean up. >> it's a mess, but well worth it. >> everything from confetti to cups to cans littered market street and civic center plaza. garbage to some. gold to others. >> i saw a lot of people collecting the confetti. i saw a guy on ebay willing to buy it for a lot of money. >> by night fall giants mania more -- morphed
Nov 1, 2012 11:30am PDT
by biologists michael fay and leslie white for the wildlife conservation society. wcs and the national geographic society support fay's megatransect-- a walk through hundreds of miles of pristine central african forest with local crews. they discover not only rivers and forests at risk, but some of the world's st isolated wildlife. elephants like these have never encountered poachers, so they don't charge or run away. (shris ) although this chimp could tear apart a human,moy that they are no matchfor . ce the scientists see they take on a new mission.s. leslie white of the wildlife conservation society. the wcs program in gabon has... has really evolved a lot in the last year or two. we've shifted from being basically a research and training program based in the lope reserve to a situation where now we're doing a national evaluation of all the potential national parks in gabon. narrator: working closely with gabon's biologists, they press the case for setting aside large natural areas. inhethe president of gabon makes a dramatic announcement. he establishes a new natural park system th
Oct 31, 2012 11:00pm EDT
he is so fat. >> reporter: in lesli heights, arts. >> it takes about an hour per pumpkin. >> reporter: she has been carving for almost 10 years. she gets a request for her jack-o-lanterns every year but refuses to make a business of it. >> this is for me a hobby. . >> very artistic and i think it would take a lot of time. >> reporter: and what is even better than beyond brilliant. the fact that we can do any of this at all. >> this girl wouldn't let me go out in the hurricane so i was stuck at home watching movies and everything. so now we get to see it. >> reporter: i don't think nick could hear us so well out in georgetown. >> it's that kind of night. believe me. >>> so you never know what's going to happen. check out the pumpkin carving experiment that ended with a bang. >> are are you ready? >> i'm ready. >> are you sure? >> i think so. . >> okay. let's see here. >> oh. >> okay. we blew up the whole thing. [ laughing ] >> blew up the whole thing. not what you had in mind. that guy is known as the hooked on flying high and he was trying to demonstrate how you can use a small explos
Nov 1, 2012 6:00pm EDT
. lesli? >>> after a wild chase including explosions, the man wanted for attempted murder in connection with three pipe bombings in northern virginia was taken into custody this afternoon. but he was not where the atf officials expected to find him. >> i'm peggy fox. northern virginia pipe bomb suspect was apprehended near great falls, montana this afternoon. and he had traveled more than 2,000 miles in two days from his home in stafford. he was pulled over for speeding by montana highway patrol, but then allegedly threw the pipe bombs at them and tried to get away. >> he was arrested by the montana state police. due to the high-speed pursuit. deploying pipe bombs. from what we understand, he was arrested in possession of a handgun, but taken off safely with no incidents. >> he is charged with three counts of attempted capital murder. weapons charges, and terror charges. they stem from three pipe bombings on tuesday morning at the home of their former girlfriend and the home of the detective and the former home of the stafford county sheriff's deputy. peggy fox, 9news now. >>> a pair of
Oct 31, 2012 6:00pm PDT
are packed and people have been lined up for hours trying to get home. >> leslie brinkley is is live along the embarcadero with that story. >> whether they were lined up to board a b.a.r.t. train, a ferry or commuting out of here everybody was in a really happy mood. right now it is empty down here by the per arer ferry terminaln hour ago it was quite a scene here. a crazily long line along the embarcadero to wor board the f. all afternoon you would be hard pressed to find nigru any grums in the crowd. eventually some boarded buss to make it back to vallejo tonight. at b.a.r.t. they were running every available train as freeze currently as possible. you can get on to the platform with no problem but it was is tough to squeeze even one to two people on some of the ebb trains. b.r.t. says they are poised tonight to brake the all time record set back in 2010 for the giants victory parade back then. they expect to top 522,000 riders. one is complaining. >> this is is b.a.r.t. it is what we do. we wait for it. >> you just go with it. >> what, a half hour, three he hours. had a good time. traffi
Oct 31, 2012 9:00pm PDT
7 hd. none of them seemed to really mind. leslie brinkley with that part of the story. >> very, very long. >> reporter: how long? >> really long? >> miles long. >> yeah. miles long but it was all well worth it. >> it was worth it, yeah. >> reporter: but the giants energy still surged through the city with fans and even commuters infused about the excitement of the day. at the embarcadero bart station people squeezed on to platforms trying to board already jammed eastbound trains. >> we are trying to get them to squeeze in toward the middle but they just hang around the door and i can't get on the train. >> easy coming in and easy coming out. no troubles or problems whatsoever. it was amazing. all of us hung out. no problems at all. >> we got up at 5:00 in the morning to get to the parade by a good 7:00 in the morning but it is worth it. again, giants, 2012! >> leslie brinkley reporting. bart says it it is poised to break its all-time daily ridership record. before the giants crowds went home it was well north of half a million riders jam packed and bart can thank the giants for the f
Oct 31, 2012 9:30pm PDT
, and leslie, because we're committed. in the future i would just like to say before i'd like to have mike come up and say a word, i think we need more presentations on maritime and our clients. i think it's important. i think we need to be abreast. and we know this is a port with a lot of diversity in it from stadiums to maritime, to exploratorium. we all can coexist. madam president, i'd like to have mike come up and maybe jim wants to come up. i appreciate their efforts and hard work and professionalism [speaker not understood]. >> hello. thank you, madam president and commission. i appreciate the time. and willie, all the rest of the staff. i want to tell you, it was quite interesting for me. houston, texas is another world. california was -- [laughter] >> that was humidity, right, getting off the plane for sure. we were well received. and, again, i'd like to comment on the port, jim and peter and willie, we worked as a team in the sense our common goal is to bring work to the port of san francisco, develop the brake, boat and bulk facilities that we have and that are still vital maritime d
Nov 1, 2012 6:30pm EDT
. people call it l.b.i., "the island." >> reporter: for most of her life, leslie houston has called this island home. >> once you've been here and you've got the sand in your shoes, you never want to leave. it's a legacy. it's a life. it's what your home town means to you if you spent 53 years there. >> reporter: which is why it's so hard to see it shattered. what do you think of whose happened to your island? >> we've gotten a real slap in the face. >> reporter: few things were spared on this strip of resort towns which since the late 1800s, has been a haven for fishermen and sun series,. >> they were in their petticoats and all that. that's how this island started. it was a vacation spot for the people in philadelphia. >> reporter: 10,000 people live here year-round, but in the summer the population swells to 100,000, with families vacationing in towns names ship bottom, surf city, and brandt beach. >> atlantic city is 13, 14 miles due south of us here. >> reporter: glenn reitinger's family built their first summer home here in 1949. >> a lot of folks here that live here are teach
Nov 1, 2012 5:00pm EDT
demonstration that went very wrong on live tv. anita? >>> lesli, i'm here in clifton, virginia, their generator was close to running out after sandy blew through. fortunately the lights are back on here and we have an amazing story to share. we'll see you after the break. >>> we have a very personal account of what prolonged outages could mean to families in our region. i'm anita brikman and i'm at the nichols home in virginia. they are loyal viewers of ours. thank you for inviting us into your home. steve has als, ventilator dependent. so the power outage was becoming a critical situation for them. i want to share a little bit of an e-mail that she sent to me yesterday. she wrote dear anita, i want to personally thank you for being our beacon in ery storm. my husband, steve, waits for your telecast each evening before i get him into bed. he as als, a top-of-the-line disability. he does not move or speak, but oh that smile. he's ventilator, dependent, the machine breathes for them so those of us who love him have one more day and the day after that. we are waiting for our power to be restored h
Nov 1, 2012 9:00am EDT
much, i'm mary leslie. >> thank you. >> i'm david -- [inaudible] the chief of joint operations. i work at the northwood headquarters. >> thank you. >> commander 12th mechanized brigade and i command a force at helmand. >> james stephenson, i'm currently a member at the royal college of defense studies but came out of afghanistan about two-and-a-half months ago having been deputy commander army within the nato training mission in afghanistan. >> right. well, thank you very much, indeed let's begin by asking a general question. how are things going in helmand in terms of the level of violence? give us a rundown of how things are going and when you think it will get better, stay the same, get worse? who will like to begin? >> i'll start, and then i think i should give the recent task force commander the floor. my judgment is that our progress is being delivered, that we are increasingly seeing an apparatus that is becoming more confident and that the levels of violence are beginning to go down and that we are also seeing much more ownership by the afghan national security forces across th
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)